Ricardo Barros: Facing Sculpture, Artist Talk October 6 at 3 pm.

Ricardo Barros, Paul Matisse, 2001On October 6th at the DeCordova Museum
and Sculpture Park
Barros will discuss the work in his exhibition, Facing Sculpture. In Facing Sculpture, photographer Ricardo Barros introduces the viewer to the individual behind the art in an inventive fusing of photography and sculpture. Facing Sculpture features approximately twenty black-and-white photographs of contemporary sculptors—both internationally renowned sculptors, and sculptors who live and work in the New England region—photographed in their homes, studios, and exhibition spaces. Many of the artists have been included in DeCordova exhibitions, and others have shown work in the outdoor Sculpture Park. Based on his work in the award winning photography book Facing Sculpture that presents sixty remarkable portraits of contemporary sculptors. Each one is paired with an image of the sculptor’s work and a concise text.

The exhibit, in the Arcade Gallery, will be on display until Jan 13, 2008

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