9th Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition completed about two-thirds of its 3 Year Tour

The 9th Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition has completed about two-thirds of its three-year tour. Exactly 121 small sculptures from around the world show how artists have handled the challenges of space and scale dictated by the size of a shoebox. An invitation-only exhibition, this exhibit has attracted a large number of well-known artists from Hawai’i, the U.S. mainland, Argentina, Cuba, Australia, Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, and Mexico.

After its initial showing at The University of Hawaii Art Gallery, 82 works from The 9th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition are scheduled to travel to 11 venues. Its final showing will be at the Maui Arts & Culture Center, in October/November 2008. Previous Shoebox Sculpture exhibits organized by the University of Hawaii Art Gallery were shown in Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Canada, and Guam as well as the U.S. mainland.

The exhibition is sponsored by the University of Hawaii Department of Art & Art History and supported by a grant from the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts and the Watumull Grant for Museum Studies in the Arts.

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