Woods Davy Sculpture Exhibit in Santa Monica, CA

The Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica is showing the fourth solo exhibition of the sculpture of Woods Davy. For the past twenty-five years, Davy has worked with natural elements, usually incorporating various types of stone in fluid balancing acts that reflect the artist’s “Western Zen” sensibility. Writer Shana Nys Dambrot wrote that Davy’s work is essentially a “kind of collaboration between artist and Nature,” one in which the artist “prefers to cooperate with the pre-existing uniqueness and objecthood of his materials.”

The current body of work, entitled “Cantamar,” is created from stones collected on a beach in Mexico of the same name. The smooth, rounded, ovoid stones that the artist collects are naturally polished and shaped by years of rolling and tumbling from wave to shore. Davy then assembles these stones in graceful, wave-like arcs that seem to float in space. The assemblages are mounted on a rougher granite base with a heavy bark texture. As Holly Myers observed in a previous exhibition, there is “something thrilling about a work that appears to defy its own natural properties,” while at the same time one can appreciate the work’s “meditative reverence.”

The exhibition opened on September 8th and will close on October 13, 2007

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One Response to Woods Davy Sculpture Exhibit in Santa Monica, CA

  1. Great stuff, but can we have a bigger picture?
    The idea and execution is is clever and I enjoy trying to work out how it has been done.
    It also illustrates how important lighting is with sculpture.

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