Robert Graham: Body of Work

Robert Graham‘s newest exhibit Body of Work is currently on exhibit at the University of Southern California’s Fisher Gallery. The exhibit was curated by Peggy Fogelman and is on display until February 9, 2008.

The internationally renowned, Los Angeles-based artist has explored the female figure in drawings, photographs, videos, and, especially, sculpture since the beginning of his career. The exhibition Body of Work reveals, for the first time in a museum context, a new phase in this exploration. Graham’s interest in capturing movement and animating individual presence has been apparent in even his most restfully posed sculptural nudes. In his new works, Graham pushes the depiction of movement to its most abstract form, distilling morphology to its essence and allowing the energy and idiosyncrasy of pose to convey individualism. These nudes, like virtuosic three-dimensional sketches, simultaneously embody the vigorous gesture of both the sculptor and his model.

Graham was born in Mexico City in 1938 and studied at San Jose State College, B.A. (1961-1963) and the San Francisco Art Institute, M.F.A. (1963-1964.) Since 1964, his work has been the subject of over eighty solo exhibitions and two retrospective exhibitions in the United States, Europe, Japan and Mexico. His work is part of many national and international museum collections.

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