John Clement Large Scale Sculpture In Houston, TX

International sculptor and New York City based artist John Clement is premiering his large-scale sculptures at Gallery Sonja Roesch now through November 1st.  The exhibition consists of five sculptures displayed both indoors and out as well as two representative lithographs.  With Hurricane Ike bearing down on Houston, Clement rushed to install the exhibition before Houston’s evacuation.  The opening reception, originally scheduled for September 13th the night Ike came through Houston, has been rescheduled as a closing celebration Saturday November 1, 2008 from 5-7pm.

Interlocking coils of steel fabricated from welded and painted pipe form inviting negative spaces as the curvilinear forms open dynamic dialogues with their surrounding environment.  John Clement’s sculptures are painted in vibrant, primary colors referencing a child-like playfulness in a world filled with imagination, hope and potential. Despite the large scale and solidity of his medium, Clement’s work celebrates the joy of movement and the rediscovery of space. Gravity defying in appearance, these sculptures are grounded both physically and traditionally.

For over a decade John has been focusing on the creation and installation of large-scale sculpture both nationally and internationally. With permanent sculptures recently installed at the Bordeaux Office Park in Sunnyvale, California, The City of Delray Beach, Florida and Fredonia State University in Buffalo, New York, Clement continues to demonstrate his skill and dedication to the creation of large-scale sculpture and public art.  John Clement lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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