New York Sculptor Tony Rosenthal Dies at 94

NEW YORK—Sculptor Tony Rosenthal, 94, known for his public artworks, died of a stroke July 28 in Southampton, N.Y., the New York Times reports. His most well-known sculpture may be a work from 1967, Alamo, a 15-square-foot, rotating black cube of painted Cor-Ten Steel located in Astor Place in New York’s East Village. The sculpture was originally installed as part of a program of temporary projects, but after a petition from the neighborhood’s residents, the installation became permanent. Four other public sculptures by Rosenthal stand in Manhattan, as well as dozens of similar ones in cities across the country. His work has been included in exhibitions at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, and Whitney Museum of American Art, and in 1999 Rizzoli published a monograph about him.

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2 Responses to New York Sculptor Tony Rosenthal Dies at 94

  1. severnyproductions says:

    great imaginative sculptures

  2. Tony Rosenthal Website
    Browse Public Art created by Tony Rosenthal: 1939-2009:

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