Bob Emser Exhibits New Work in Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia – International Chicago sculptor, Bob Emser, presented a new sculpture at the 7th ANNUAL COTTESLOE EXHIBITION of Sculpture by the Sea, exhibited at Cottesloe Beach from March 3 – 22, 2011. Emser is one of over 60 International and Australian artists invited to exhibit this year. With an estimated 450,000 visitors over the 3 weeks, the sculptures transform Perth’s most popular beach into a stunning sculpture park overlooking the Indian Ocean for all to enjoy from sunrise to sunset.

Emser’s sculpture, Wind of Change, is a juxtaposition of contemporary materials, soft strength, and unique vision, not duplicated by other contemporary sculptors, which make his work important to know and wonderful to see. Emser’s frequent use of copper color and aluminum mesh catch light and shadow beautifully, making this sculpture seem to float in the sea.
“As daylight changes from early dawn to high noon to dusk, that color really changes and seems to work well in all types of environments from a rich green landscape to a serene blue seascape,” said Emser. “I’m fascinated by it for that reason.”

This is Bob Emser’s second work to been shown in Cottesloe, the first being in 2010. He has also exhibited his work in 4 exhibitions in Sydney’s Bondi show. The concept for Sculpture by the Sea is the brainchild of David Handley, Founding Director. The exhibition came from Handley’s desire to create a major free public arts event for Perth and Sydney.

Take a virtual tour of the sculptures and show at Cottesloe in all its pristine beauty with people naturally interacting. Here is the link:

For additional information on this exhibit visit More of Bob Emser’s work can be seen at

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