Bob Emser Exhibits New Work in Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia – International Chicago sculptor, Bob Emser, presented a new sculpture at the 7th ANNUAL COTTESLOE EXHIBITION of Sculpture by the Sea, exhibited at Cottesloe Beach from March 3 – 22, 2011. Emser is one of over 60 International and Australian artists invited to exhibit this year. With an estimated 450,000 visitors over the 3 weeks, the sculptures transform Perth’s most popular beach into a stunning sculpture park overlooking the Indian Ocean for all to enjoy from sunrise to sunset.

Emser’s sculpture, Wind of Change, is a juxtaposition of contemporary materials, soft strength, and unique vision, not duplicated by other contemporary sculptors, which make his work important to know and wonderful to see. Emser’s frequent use of copper color and aluminum mesh catch light and shadow beautifully, making this sculpture seem to float in the sea.
“As daylight changes from early dawn to high noon to dusk, that color really changes and seems to work well in all types of environments from a rich green landscape to a serene blue seascape,” said Emser. “I’m fascinated by it for that reason.”

This is Bob Emser’s second work to been shown in Cottesloe, the first being in 2010. He has also exhibited his work in 4 exhibitions in Sydney’s Bondi show. The concept for Sculpture by the Sea is the brainchild of David Handley, Founding Director. The exhibition came from Handley’s desire to create a major free public arts event for Perth and Sydney.

Take a virtual tour of the sculptures and show at Cottesloe in all its pristine beauty with people naturally interacting. Here is the link:

For additional information on this exhibit visit More of Bob Emser’s work can be seen at

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After winning prestigious award, Eureka Sculptor, Bob Emser, free to pursue his dreams

By Dan Craft  |

Photoshopped image of proposed "Winged Project" by Bob Emser

EUREKA — Beauty, as we know, is measured in the beholder’s eye.

The eye of Eureka artist Bob Emser has long beheld beauty in the sleek contours of airplane wings.

He describes that allure as “inherent,” regardless of size or scale or position.

A detached wing is no less appealing to him than one firmly in place; an unfinished wing is no less aesthetic than one with its skin on.

This sense of beauty was nurtured as a young boy growing up the son of a mechanical engineer in East Peoria.

Together, father and son would assemble model airplanes, usually made of balsa wood.

“They were probably my first sculptural experiences,” says the internationally exhibited artist and winner of one of the art world’s prestigious honors, the 2010 Pollock-Krasner Award.

“What I really liked about them,” Emser says, “was the sculptural quality of the flat shapes coming together and creating an organic, sensuous form.”

True confessions: “I never completely finished most of the models — just the wings.”

In fact, Continue reading

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Tom Otterness to create Gateway Sculpture for Centennial Sculpture Park

Karen Miltner • Staff writer • Democrat and

The Memorial Art Gallery plans to turn its stately lawn, currently defined by a wrought-iron fence, into a playful, almost childlike open-space narrative on sculpture.

The first phase for the Centennial Sculpture Park, which the museum unveiled this week, includes MAG’s largest acquisition to date and will dominate more than half an acre at the northwest corner of University Avenue and South Goodman Street and coincide with the city of Rochester’s ArtWalk. Tom Otterness, an artist with a national reputation for his public works, has been commissioned to create the site-specific project, which will be completed in time for the museum’s 100th anniversary in fall 2013.

“I see it as opening up the grounds like the old town square, people come and sit, read, play guitar, talk, eat, then follow the paths up to the gallery itself,” says MAG director Grant Holcomb. “We are in essence making an urban park.”

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James Surls Sculptures On The Rice Campus

Surls sculpture

By Hallie Jordan

James Surls, the sculptor who had seven of his art pieces installed at Rice University last month, enlightened a crowd there recently about his art philosophy and the ideas behind his plant-like sculptures.

The seven pieces in the exhibit, which arrived February 21, are entitled Magnficent Seven: Houston Celebrates Surls and reflect a connection with nature, featuring titles like “All Diamond,” “Ten Big Standing Bronze Flowers” and “Standing Vase With Five Flowers,” among others. Previous to their appearance in Houston, five of the seven pieces on display were exhibited on Park Avenue in New York.

The sculptures will remain at Rice until August 31.

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Antony Gormley Naked Men on Roofs

Review by Katya Kazakina

March 24 (Bloomberg) — Naked men loom from rooftop and ledge, disturbing pedestrians in lower Manhattan, where British artist Antony Gormley inaugurated his “Event Horizon” installation yesterday.

The 31 life-size figures are almost identical in appearance though they differ in material and weight. The four made of cast iron weigh 1,433 pounds each and the rest in fiberglass weigh 66 pounds each. They were made from body casts of the artist.

“They are tiny little things given the total complexity of the city,” said Gormley, 59, in an interview yesterday, a small thing himself from the perspective of his creations atop the Flatiron building and the Madison Avenue building

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Bob Emser Sculpture Installation

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New York Sculptor Tony Rosenthal Dies at 94

NEW YORK—Sculptor Tony Rosenthal, 94, known for his public artworks, died of a stroke July 28 in Southampton, N.Y., the New York Times reports. His most well-known sculpture may be a work from 1967, Alamo, a 15-square-foot, rotating black cube of painted Cor-Ten Steel located in Astor Place in New York’s East Village. The sculpture was originally installed as part of a program of temporary projects, but after a petition from the neighborhood’s residents, the installation became permanent. Four other public sculptures by Rosenthal stand in Manhattan, as well as dozens of similar ones in cities across the country. His work has been included in exhibitions at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, and Whitney Museum of American Art, and in 1999 Rizzoli published a monograph about him.

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